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Throughout her career, Christine has delivered over 250 keynotes and speeches at events throughout the U.S. and around the world including South Korea, Germany, Canada, United Kingdom, Italy, and more. Her specialties include motivational speaking and technology topics. Whether you are looking for an inspiring speech for a fundraising event, or seeking a speaker for a corporate leadership conference, Dr Izuakor delivers.

Motivational Speeches

Failing Forward

Dr. Izuakor shares how every success she’s experience in life first started with failure. She speaks to the critical role that failure plays in success, and provides several real examples of how failure worked in her favor to propel her to unimaginable heights. The audience walks away with a strategy for navigating and embracing failure. Listeners leave with a deeper understanding of the true value of failing.

Dominating Imposer Syndrome

Dr. Izuakor shares a very vulnerable peek into her early battles with impostor syndrome and how she’s been able to go from doubting herself constantly to effectively convincing herself that she can do literally anything. The audience walks away with an understanding of what impostor syndrome is and how it manifests internally, as well as very specific actions anyone can take to overcome the challenge. 


Representation Matters

Dr. Izuakor shares powerful stories from childhood to adulthood, that highlight the importance of representation and diversity during all phases of life. The audience walks away with an understanding of why having people from a variety of background represented is important whether in business, personal life, or beyond. Listeners learn about what they can do in situations where the is a lack of diversity or representation in an environment. This one is often a tear-jerker.  

Six Flags to Six Figures

Dr. Izuakor shares her journey from working as a cashier in six flags for a minimum wage salary, to earning a six figure salary at a young age. The audience will walk away with strategies for continually elevating in life, knowing your potential and worth, and negotiating for it.

Tech & Cyber Security Speeches

Cyber Security 101

Dr. Izuakor has the unique ability to break complex cyber security concepts into basic terms that anyone can grasp and master.  No matter what industry you are in, mastering the basics can help take your career or company to greater heights. Not a techie, but want to understand cyber security? This is the speech for you.

Hacking Cyber Security Culture

Over time, we’ve learned that cyber security is about much more than technology and processes. Without an organizational culture that embraces cyber security, efforts to build security programs can be fleeting and ineffective. This has led to the rise of a critical new role—the cyber-culture hacker. The audience will learn about what cyber culture hackers do, and how they can be used to effectively increase cyber enterprise awareness. This in turn decreases cyber incidents and breaches.


The Human Element of Cyber Security

[Talent Shortage Angle] It’s predicted that in by 2021, there will be 3.5 million more cyber jobs than qualified experts to fill them. Companies desperately need cyber talent, but struggle to fill the gap. Dr. Christine Izuakor is an expert at building cyber security talent pipelines and shares secrets on how she’s solved this challenge for Fortune 100 companies. The audience will walk away with a core understanding of this challenge and very specific actions that can be taken to solve it. [Employee Risk Angle] 90% of cyber security breaches start with human error. Companies that rely on annual cyber security training to address this challenge, have much greater chances of falling victim to breaches. The audience will learn all of the secrets needed to creatively inspire employees to be more cyber-aware and prevent breaches from happening.

Latest Trends in Technology and Cyber

Dr. Izuakor shares her most recent research and findings on some of the hottest cyber security topics like recent breaches and lessons learned, the state of ransomware, insider threats, and more. 

Academic Success Speeches

Confessions of a PhD Graduate

Dr. Izuakor earned a PhD in Security Engineering and became the youngest student and first African American woman to do so, all while working a full-time job leading critical cyber security functions at a Fortune 100 company. During the session she talks through how she did it. Attendees leave with an understanding of the value of earning a PhD, what it takes to complete a program, how to start the journey, and tips for making it to the finish line.

Discover Your Passion

After failing at trying to become a medical doctor, Dr. Izuakor went on a journey to find her passion. That's when she discovered cyber security and hasn't looked back since. In this speech, Christine shares her entire process that led to the discovery of her passion in life and how she turned it into a money making machine. The audience walks away with a strategy and framework for discovering and continually reassessing their greatest passions in life. 


Ultimate Guide to College Survival

Dr. Izuakor has completed three degree programs and graduated with a near 4.0 GPA each time, while working a full-time job and living a fun life. Before succeeding, however, during her first attempt at college, she failed. Miserably. No student ever starts college thinking, “Gee, what a great opportunity to fail!” Yet roughly 30 percent of students entering post-secondary degree programs don’t make it past their first year. Of the 70 percent who remain, less than half end up graduating within six years. For the slim few that make it across the final stage, what’s the secret to success? The audience will walk away with all of Christine's secrets that helped her not just survive, but dominate college.

Career Success Speeches

Career Chess, Not Checkers

Dr. Izuakor gives the audience a peek into her unconventional and awe-inspiring career journey, and shares the strategic and calculated moves that helped her get ahead. The audience will walk away with 10 tips that can help professionals in any stage of their career elevate and grow.

Where Work and Life Intersect

From completing a PhD full-time while working a full-time job, to travelling the world for fun while running an online inspirational platform, Dr. Izuakor leaves everyone questioning – how do you balance it all? Known for juggling a life jam packed with business, academics, travel, public speaking, family and friends, partying, and more, during this session, she shares all of her secrets regarding finding balance between work and life.


Surviving being "The Only"

Women and people of color are still considered minority groups within STEM. Dr. Izuakor provides her take on the state of diversity in STEM, the role that diversity plays in the industries success, and why it’s critical to grow diversity in STEM. She then shares tips for navigating some of the most common challenges women and people of color specifically face in STEM.

How to Build a Lucrative Career in Cyber

Dr. Izuakor has helped hundreds of student and professionals build and evolve their careers in cyber security. Whether someone is just getting started, or looking for their next career move, this talk provides highly coveted insight into how anyone can start working towards a lucrative career in cyber security.

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