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Your Ultimate Guide to Building a Career in Cyber Security

Every year, I get hundreds of questions from people around the world, wondering what I do in the cyber security industry and how they can get in. While I have had dozens of one on one conversations to help people, it’s simply not enough. To expand the reach, I am posting a 7 part series to help cyber security enthusiasts learn how to start building a career in cyber security. The series will cover the following topics:

  1. Why should you build a career in cyber security?

  2. How to build a career in cyber security from scratch?

  3. How to transition into cyber security from another career path?

  4. What’s a day in the life of a security professional like?

  5. What credentials and certifications are the most important to have?

  6. How to land your first cyber security job or your next promotion?

  7. Bonus: A deep dive into my cyber security career path and how I got where I am.

These posts will get released every week and I’ll add the hyperlinks here as they come out. Enjoy!

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