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3 easy ways to give back to others and the community.

There is something so rewarding about giving back to the community and others. The term is called “Volunesia” – when volunteering is changing your life so much that you forget you are even volunteering. How do we do more of this, even if we have limited funds or time to give? Here are three ways to give back without breaking your time or financial bank:

  1. Everyone isn’t just looking for money, give time or items if you have it. There are so many ways to give back to people. It can be as simple as mentoring, donating clothing to a charity, or spending your time working at a shelter. These seemingly small activities make a huge difference in the world, especially when done consistently.

  2. Get your friends involved and make it a party! During New Years Eve weekend, I wanted to kick off the year in a different and more wholesome way. It may just be my way of lessening the guilt for how hard I party every NYE lol. In any case, I got a group of friends together and curated a fun volunteer experience. We went to the Houston Food Bank and spent a few hours supporting their food inventory management and inspection function. As the music played, we danced, laughed, talked, and had so much fun that at times I forgot we were in an assembly line doing manual labor. Afterward, we celebrated a day of hard work with a boozy brunch celebration – a great incentive for those who weren’t just sold on the idea of waking up at 7 am to do community service. When you make it a party and throw in champagne, who can resist?

  3. Connect your passion with purpose. Everyone in this world is gifted with unique skills. I have found that some of the most rewarding volunteer experiences for me have been ones where I can use those gifts to help others. Cyber security is a passion of mine. I connect this with purpose by providing non-profits and organizations with pro bono or heavily discounted cyber security services. This also helps me sharpen my technical and business skills in the process. It’s a win-win all around! Think about what your gifts are and share them with others!

Making a difference in the world doesn’t require a ton of effort, especially when you get others involved. I encourage you to get your friends together, volunteer somewhere. Send me a group picture on Instagram – you may get a surprise in return for joining the Volunesia wave!

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